Hello and welcome. I'm Mistress Dorian, your new Domme. Iím that spicy dominating Mistress youíve been searching for. I have a few very simple rules for men in my care to follow, and any deviation from them will mean a few strokes or a spanking on your bare bottom.

Call Mistress Dorian!

If I ever catch you peeping through the keyhole while I'm showering, for example, your misconduct will be met with the most severe discipline. You will comply or beg for my forgiveness. Be ready to bend over and take it; you know deep down you love getting disciplined.

Call Dorian Anytime!

When you engage with me, you will ASK for permission, and you always address me as Mistress Dorian. Remember that my goal is to own you. You will enjoy it. In addition, you will only cum if and when I give you permission.

Call Mistress Dorian Anytime!

You will ask for permission before you stroke on that cock of yours. One of my specialties is Financial Domination. You will fall so HARD in love with Mistress Dorian who will drain that wallet of yours. The thought of giving me your hard earned cash will turn you on so bad you wonít know what to do with yourself.

Respect my authority.
Mistress Dorian